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Estate planning – The capital gains tax implications

Estate Planning – CGT – Division 128 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 – When does an asset pass to a beneficiary? – CGT event K6 – pre CGT companies or trusts with post CGT assets – Pre CGT land or buildings with post CGT buildings or improvements – Main residence – tax issues associated with distributions of assets from testamentary discretionary trusts – Practice statement PS LA 2003/12 – Transfers from trustees of testamentary trusts to beneficiaries – deceased’s main residence – Transfers from trustees of testamentary trusts to beneficiaries – small business CGT concessions – Pre CGT assets in companies, trusts and superannuation funds – Discretionary trusts – Income tax ruing IT 2340 – the Commissioner’s ‘lenient’ approach –  The effect of removing beneficiaries from a discretionary trust – Companies with issued shares with discretionary rights to dividends – Superannuation funds and death of a person receiving a pension – Amending discretionary trust deeds and CGT issues – The Commissioner’s current views – TD 2012/21 – Commercial Nominees’ case – Lam & Kym’s case – Trust cloning and trust splitting – Ruling against the taxpayer – ID 2009/86 (pre TD 2012/21 – Ruling against the taxpayer – Private Ruling 1012921290075 (post TD 2012/21) – Small business restructure rollover – CGT issues relating to capital payments and amending discretionary trust deeds – Non resident issues – CGT event K3 –