Library users’ guide

One of the key benefits of STEP membership in Australia is access to high quality continuing professional development events, featuring leading speakers on a wide range of topics relevant to trusts and estates.

In this Technical Resources Library, we have gathered together a collection of past papers presented at STEP events in Australia.

The Librarian is Glenn Dickson TEP, Queensland Bar.

The items in the Library are searchable according to:

  • key words;
  • speaker name; and
  • branch at which the paper was presented.

These materials are provided for STEP members in Australia.  The materials have been written by various authors, and the views expressed are not necessarily those of STEP Australia or Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.  Readers should satisfy themselves as to the accuracy and currency of the materials, before taking any action in reliance on these materials.  No liability or responsibility is accepted by STEP Australia, or any of the branches of STEP in Australia, for errors or omissions.

Copyright in the materials in this Library belongs to the individual authors.

Please note that, for commercial reasons, there is a delay in papers being added to the Library.

By accessing the Library, you undertake to STEP Australia that you will use any content that you access from the Library for your own personal study purposes, and will not disseminate such content to third parties.

Any author who wishes to have a paper removed from the Library, or updated, should contact the Librarian.