Peter Bobbin TEP

"STEP will provide you opportunities to grow with quality education and resources, professional recognition and international connections."
"Education and policy are the most important things that STEP does. There is also the social aspect, which is great, but making it easy for people to keep up to date in the area of Trusts and Estates and having a voice where change is needed is vital."
"STEP provides exceptional educational events, resources and networking opportunities for members. Our branch is often approached by Government bodies to provide important feedback on proposed legislative changes that impact trust and estate laws."
"It means being part of a worldwide organisation of like-minded professionals that offers experience, knowledge-sharing and the opportunity for networking."
"STEP raises the profile and ability of members to advise families and influence decision makers."
"To me, being a STEP member means being constantly surrounded by the best trusts and estates minds around and having access to (what I think is) the best education network in the world."
"It has broadened my professional engagement with trust and estate practitioners, including non-lawyers, and also gives me involvement in a worldwide organisation."
"STEP has been invaluable in giving us the opportunity to raise our profile and to confirm our reputation as experts in our chosen specialist fields."
"I was attracted by the high-calibre professional development programme, together with the collegiate interaction."
"It provides me with an immediate network of multidisciplinary practitioners, as well as an international forum to keep ahead of the game."
"As a junior lawyer, all of the most knowledgeable lawyers I worked with were STEP members. It seemed a natural step: if I wanted to be a succession-law lawyer, I should be a member."
"Being a STEP member enables me to actively contribute to the ongoing education of trust and estate practitioners in Tasmania through my role with the STEP Tasmania branch. I see education as critical to our profession. I obtain a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction by contributing to the availability of high-quality professional development opportunities for colleagues in Tasmania."
"It means being a member of a highly regarded community of professionals, which unlocks access to resources and the ability to network with members of varying backgrounds and experiences. The calibre of the professional development events offered is invaluable to my practice and my career."
"It means I am recognised as a practitioner with expertise in my field of practice. Membership offers unrivalled opportunities for networking, idea and resource sharing, discourse, and a greater degree of insight into the development of the law in my area of expertise. This enables me to better understand the trends and emerging areas, both domestically and around the world. "